November 7, 2012

Ok, the working class spending is 70% of the economy. Wages(our standard of living) has been forced down(in real money)since the sixties(experts agree). Now lets extrapolate from these widely reported figures and facts. The economy in the tank because the 1% sent it there by lowering wages to compete in the world economy. i.e. replacing the American spender with emerging country spender.
Where would the entitlement programs be today if we had a modest pay increase per yr. across the last 50 yrs. if the gov. had been able to collect the taxes on those loss wages?
So my point is, this is all orchestrated, this whole problem was brought about by programs to to lower the standard of living in America.



April 11, 2010

Hi everyone, I took my first paying summer job at 12 years old. I made .75 cents and hour and I was getting rich! LOL well I was earning my way with no Fed.s taking a cut  I kept what I earned!

OK, hears what I propose. Lets work with congress to pass a law that allows individuals to earn up to $250,000.00 a year with out onerous government involvement. No fee’s no lic. no permits no fed. income tax! Yes America is reborn!

I belive that the real problem with America is that there is too much standing in the way of the individual starting to earn a living! As long as an Individual does honest, safe work that benefits his family and community then allow him the freedom to be free.

Government will be the biggest winners in this bill. The incredible surge in work and commerce will be a huge win for everyone!

Our goverment has become bottom feeders and this shut down peoples ability to grow through hard safe work.